Now I love indoor plants and I love water features, but after viewing this video, I have a new perspective on restraint.

As soon as you enter the ‘living’ room you’ll notice green carpeting, or it looks like actual synthetic turf to me. The plants are in platers, and are set at floor level to duplicate actual plant feel. There is a water feature which sounds rather loud through the video, I can just hope that it isn’t really that loud in person. There is a difference between the loud babbling of water flowing and the gentle sound of water cascading, and it may affect your sense of calm, I know it does mine. I believe that was the general idea behind the room was to create an relaxing environment to which to work in front of the computer that is set-up in the room.

Now every room designed was made in mind for the user/owner and what may work for them may not work well for me or you. The key here is I hope that the owner truly appreciates their effort and time it took to create this personal paradise, it is magnificent on its own right. Personally the green floor was too much for me, it almost put crazy in the otherwise very nice design. What do you think?