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Christmas Decorations at the White House

The First Family will celebrate their first Christmas in the White House with a nod to tradition. This year’s theme, “Time-Honored Traditions” was designed by First Lady Melania Trump to pay respect to 200 years of holiday traditions at the White House. The East ...Read More

10 Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

Illumination is the key here, and some pumpkin carving skills and a ‘Blair’s Witch’ type of scarecrow. An orange string of lights used to illuminate a spooky walking path leading past the also lighted carved pumpkins which accentuate the centerpiece scary scarecrow which also ...Read More

Antioxidants Sprouting Up

What takes place to the antioxidant material of seeds, grains, and beans when you sprout them? I’ve been hunting for this kind of examine for a long time and am enthusiastic to share it! Handmade sprouts are most likely the most diet one particular ...Read More

Cooked Beans or Sprouted Beans?

DESCRIPTION: How do canned compared to germinated beans (these types of as sprouted lentils) assess when it will come to preserving brain cells and destroying melanoma, kidney, and breast cancer cells. Have a query for Dr. Greger about this video clip? Leave it in ...Read More

Amazing Fruit Collectors Story

Born with a motor neuron impairment, Helton Josue Teodoro Muniz had to persevere his entire childhood to overcome it and by the time we was a teenager, he learned to walk …. remarkable! Well that should tell you something about his fortitude, and did you hear ...Read More