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Herb Garden Kit Self Watering Hydroponic

‘I have never been able to grow herbs indoors until now. Thank you Garden Gods for this incredible product!’ Elise W. Finally and indoor herb kit that is stylish sustainable and fertile with succe… Source by joycemmeyer ...Read More

7 Most Popular Indoor Vertical Garden Ideas – DIY

7 Popular Vertical Indoor Garden Ideas, DIY Vertical gardening ideas can come from anywhere. This DIY vertical garden assembly is a great method for starting a short DIY project for your indoor garden construction to keep the vertical garden space efficient and low maintenance. ...Read More

6 Books About sprouting You Should Read

To get started at indoor gardening you don’t need expensive tools or vast amounts of space, just a little knowledge will do. Just read these 6 essential books on sprouting, tips, facts, nutrition and recipes and you will have about everything you will ever ...Read More

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden-Review

The popularity of indoor garden sprouters/growers have certainly made its way into our homes and made having a green thumb easier than ever. Miracle-Gro is a well known household name and has now made an easy to use indoor garden kit. This type of ...Read More
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