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Christmas Decorations at the White House

The First Family will celebrate their first Christmas in the White House with a nod to tradition. This year’s theme, “Time-Honored Traditions” was designed by First Lady Melania Trump to pay respect to 200 years of holiday traditions at the White House. The East ...Read More

25 Garden Pathways And Walkways

Inspirational Garden Walkways and Garden Paths The best way to enjoy your garden is via a walkway or path through it. A garden path can become more than just a simple walkway, it can become part of the garden enhancing the garden experience through ...Read More

10 Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

Illumination is the key here, and some pumpkin carving skills and a ‘Blair’s Witch’ type of scarecrow. An orange string of lights used to illuminate a spooky walking path leading past the also lighted carved pumpkins which accentuate the centerpiece scary scarecrow which also ...Read More

6 Books About sprouting You Should Read

To get started at indoor gardening you don’t need expensive tools or vast amounts of space, just a little knowledge will do. Just read these 6 essential books on sprouting, tips, facts, nutrition and recipes and you will have about everything you will ever ...Read More

Quick-n-Easy Stir Fry

The technique of using a ‘hot wok’ to cook quickly originated in China and in recent history has spread into other parts of Asia and the West. Many claim that this quick, hot cooking seals in the flavors of the foods, as well as ...Read More

Sprouts Tabbouleh Recipe

This is a very tasty recipe based on a traditional dish with the ‘sprouters’ twist using our favorite or course, sprouts. Although the dish takes nominal time to make, you should prepare it early morning to use in the afternoon or dinner meal time. ...Read More

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden-Review

The popularity of indoor garden sprouters/growers have certainly made its way into our homes and made having a green thumb easier than ever. Miracle-Gro is a well known household name and has now made an easy to use indoor garden kit. This type of ...Read More

Everyday Tips For Starting Seeds Indoors

The following is  a transcript of the  video: Growing from seed indoors is useful because it gives your plants a head start even if the weather outside isn’t warm, resulting in earlier and longer harvests than would otherwise be possible. It’s particularly good for ...Read More

Amazing Fruit Collectors Story

Born with a motor neuron impairment, Helton Josue Teodoro Muniz had to persevere his entire childhood to overcome it and by the time we was a teenager, he learned to walk …. remarkable! Well that should tell you something about his fortitude, and did you hear ...Read More