25 Garden Pathways And Walkways

Inspirational Garden Walkways and Garden Paths The best way to enjoy your garden is via a walkway or path through it. A garden path can become more than just a simple walkway, it can become part of the garden enhancing the garden experience through ...Read More

10 Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

Illumination is the key here, and some pumpkin carving skills and a ‘Blair’s Witch’ type of scarecrow. An orange string of lights used to illuminate a spooky walking path leading past the also lighted carved pumpkins which accentuate the centerpiece scary scarecrow which also ...Read More

Natural Cork Panels

These vertical panels are produced from all-natural cork – best for mounting tillandsias, stag horn ferns and other epiphytes~ Resource by Rockingvaussiesdiggardens.com ...Read More

How to water a Neanthe Bella palm

A glance at the easy-to-increase neanthe bella palm. This clip does incorporate one miscalculation: plants in a six” (15cm) diameter pot typically will acquire about a pint of water (pretty much one/2 liter), not a quart. There are shorter and taller pots so the ...Read More